CashBag Online Stores

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Are you interested in online shopping or never tried it before?. Well I would recommend someone who constantly shop online or new to online shopping or window shopping using “Cashbag”

By starting your shopping journey through CashBag, shoppers earn cash back on eligible merchants. Cashbag is a unique, free service that enables online shoppers to earn while they spend and moreover R25 is deposited in your app account when you signup as welcome bonus, they are massive discounts from all the stores, restaurants, Travel services  listed with the app such as SPREE, SISSYBOY, MENTALITY, GAME STORE and many of other great stores and services.


CashBag has an easy to use android mobile app & a super-friendly web-browser button, that alerts shoppers when any products they’re searching for are eligible for cash back which is convenient for shoppers using laptops or desktop .

If you Google any products, our button will alert you to eligible savings partners.
When you visit a partner site, the button also alerts you to the savings.  CashBag already has over 50K users and is growing fast!.

Get the app now, be in style get and keep up with the digital age.

Signup to their website and Download by clicking: CashBag Online Stores images